For Family, Of Family

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About Us, and the Basics of this Site

I am the wife of a wonderful husband and the mother of a beautiful daughter. They make me realize life is such a blessing, and I see God moving in their lives and in mine through them. They help me realize God's love. I created this website to keep track of the recipes I have found, tried, and loved (all three criteria must be met), but it could become much more. If you find this site, leave a comment or contact me, I would love to know! I'd also love to hear thoughts on how to make this site better... what I can improve on. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

Also, if you would like to keep up with recipes that I enjoy (and also pass the husband and 2 year old test), please subscribe to my site on the contact page!

Please check out my Pinterest page as well, if you're into that! I have so many ideas pinned, you're bound to find something you like!